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I am a multidisciplinary researcher and engineer, specializing in computer vision, geometry modeling, machine learning and computational imaging. I am interested in research and development of advanced algorithms for image understanding and machine perception.

Currently, I am a Research Scientist at Amazon Prime Air - Amazon's drone delivery program. I am part of the Autonomous Perception team. I develop computer vision algorithms and machine learning models for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

Prior to joining PrimeAir, I completed my PhD at the Electrical Engineering department at Stanford, where I was awarded the Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship for innovative multidisciplinary research, in collaboration with the Stanford Neuroscience Institute - SNI. At Stanford I was advised by Prof. Leonidas Guibas, head of the Geometric Computing and Artificial Intelligence lab.

Before (and during) my PhD, I had the opportunity to work on some very interesting projects - check out my resume and projects page.

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